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November 13: Combined Ed & Ops Policy and Planning Committee Meeting

November 13: Combined Ed & Ops Policy and Planning Committee Meeting

You can find the agenda for our November 13 meeting here


  1. SD40 Youth Apprenticeship Programs and Applied Design Skills and Technologies:

    • Presented by NWSS’ Karen Crosby, Garry Pattern and Steven Kungel and POWER student who transferred to NWSS plumbing program, Jack Foster.

    • Impressive presentation highlighting the positive experiences by students and the steps taken by staff to prepare students for a career in the trades

    • Starting with Skills Exploration courses in grade 10 and moving onto “Trades in Training” and “Work in Trades” programs in high school, students can begin apprenticeship work toward becoming red seal certified in Plumbing, Cooking and Carpentry.

    • Funded through the Ministry of Education and the Industry Training Authority (ITA),

    • The Ministry of Education is emphasizing ADST in the new curriculum. This emphasis ties-in very nicely with getting students more interested in doing “hands-on” design and building work, which will hopefully translate into more students taking advantage of this fabulous opportunity as they approach the end of the secondary school years.

  2. Capital Projects Updates:

    • NWSS:

      • New separated storm/sanitary sewer lines installed on 6th Street and across front of new school (east/west).

      • New water line (upsizing from 150 – 200 mm) installed with new fire hydrant – transition to new water line (including to existing school) will take place in next several days

      • Work has continued with the drilling and installation of the last 4 Soil Anchors – a total of 248 will be installed.

      • Graham Design-Builders, has been making steady progress with concrete footings throughout the North and East wings.

      • Moving above ground, the elevator shaft and Shear Walls are underway. (Shear Wall is a structural member used to resist lateral forces. Shear walls provide large strength and stiffness to buildings, which significantly reduces lateral sway of the building).

      • On time and on budget!

    • Tweedsmuir:

      • First 4 classrooms moved from the school to the portables for classroom renovation

      • Gymnasium renovated and returned to the school for occupancy

      • On time and on budget!


  1. Traffic Safety - Queensborough:

    • Trustee Lalji introduced a motion to call for a task force to deal with traffic safety in QB

    • After a lengthy discussion, trustees did not vote in favour of Trustee Lalji’s original motion. Trustees did vote in favour of an amendment directing Superintendent Hachlaf to connect with the city on their plans and provide an update to the board at the December 4th meeting and having the board write a letter to the City urging for action.

  2. Required Courses for Post-Secondary Eligibility:

    • Following allegations that NWSS is not offering students certain courses required for post-secondary, Trustees voted in favour of an amendment directing staff to investigate and report back on the extent of course shortages

November 27: School Board Meeting

November 27: School Board Meeting

It's Official!

It's Official!