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December 04: Combined Ed & Ops Policy and Planning Committee Meeting

December 04: Combined Ed & Ops Policy and Planning Committee Meeting

You can find the agenda for our December 04 meeting here


  1. International Program Report:
    Karen Klein, Director of International Education, provided the board with a report on the program that has been around since 1987. Right now, there are students from 21 different countries studying in our district, each pay $14,000/year.

  2. Traffic Safety Update - Queensborough:

    Superintendent Hachlaf provided the board with an update on his conversation with the city and potential next steps, including three drafts to improve the QE parking lot and better accommodate drop-offs. QRA representatives issued a letter that proposed the use of the Roma Hall parking lot as a potential solution, board agrees this is a viable solution and have directed staff to explore this option.

  3. Required Courses for Post-Secondary Eligibility Update:

    Associate Superintendent Naser notified the board that NWSS does offer all mandatory courses required for most post-secondary institutions (i.e. english, math). and that courses outside these may not be offered for a number of different reasons, including minimal demand. Having said that, for classes that may not be offered at NWSS, students are afforded the option to register for an online version.

  4. Thought Exchange Public Engagement Format:

    In short, Thought Exchange is a platform that will allow the district to engage in a digital consultation with the community on specific questions/topics. It has an interactive format, allows for anonymity and structured responses/questions, we will be using it for the first time for the 2019/20 Budget Process.

  5. Live-Streaming Public Board Meetings:

    THAT the Combined Education and Operations Policy & Planning Committee recommend to the Board of Education of School District No.40 (New Westminster), as part of its commitment to transparency, accountability and accessibility, direct staff to assess the feasibility of implementing live-streaming for all public meetings and report back to the Board at the January 15, 2019 Operations Policy & Planning Committee meeting.

December 11: School Board Meeting

December 11: School Board Meeting

November 27: School Board Meeting

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